Headbands - From History to Major Hair Trend

Headbands have been around since the year 475 BC. You heard me right! Headbands made their first appearance in ancient Greece. Usually made of olive branches, they marked special occasions and events. The winners at the early Olympic Games would have it bestowed upon them. They have evolved throughout history, but never so much as in the last century or so. Let us take a fun trip through the history of one of our favorite hair accessories and talk about some of the most fashionable available today.

From Flappers to Fashionistas

Headbands have played a much larger part in history than many of us probably realize. In the 1910s, women started using ribbons with lace and rosettes. These were called “headache bands” as a nod to the heavy compression bandages used in the early 20th century to relieve headaches. In the 1920s, they surged in popularity as the Flapper Movement and jazz music swept across many countries. Young women began to rebel against cultural norms by dressing more provocatively, wearing more makeup, smoking cigarettes, and decorating headbands with exotic fabrics, feathers, and jewels, to express their sense of style.

Movie stars of the 1950s and 60s loved this trend as well. Audrey Hepburn, Princess Grace

Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot all sported headbands in their movies. It also appeared in photographs of them taken by paparazzi. The popularity of these and other actresses as style icons drove the popularity of headbands up even more.

Sports Icons Keeping Sweat At Bay

The 1960s and 70s saw the explosion of headbands worn by athletes, mainly in tennis and

Basketball! Wilt Chamberlain of the NBA sparked the trend among men in the U.S. Swedish

Tennis player Bjorn Borg was a worldwide phenomenon and wore a headband on the court when he played. When the 1980s came along with its aerobics craze, the headband had turned into a cultural icon. No one will ever forget Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” music video, complete with neon pink tights, blue top and classic ones. People still dress as her each Halloween, and anyone alive in that decade immediately knows what the costume is!

Headbands 2.0

Today’s headbands are far and above what their predecessors were. They now are not just a tool to keep sweat from your eyes or plain fabric holding back your unruly bangs. They have become the accessory that ties a whole outfit together. Many times they are like a statement piece of jewelry. They make the look. One of the brands currently creating some of the most stunning pieces is Axessorize. Their headbands are gorgeous. Whether you are looking for beaded, crystals, boho chic, or all-out glam, they have it. What is great about their collection is that they offer more than just the standard styles you commonly see.

They also have wreaths, crowns, and tiaras. Axessorize’s variety of styles makes them a great place to find not only your bands for casual wear but also formal events like proms and weddings. Headbands have come leaps and bounds since they first made their appearance in ancient Greece as a crown of olive branches. Now they are at the cutting edge of fashion!

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