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5 Golf Club Buying Tips For Beginners

Golf is a sport like no other. Young or old and no matter the gender, you are free to enjoy this wonderful sport. It’s safe to play this game, and the risk of getting injured is extremely low. These are just some of the reasons why many love this sport.


If you’ve just recently started enjoying this sport and finally made the decision to buy your golf equipment, it is important to note there are things to consider before you spend some cash.


Here are some useful tips novice golfers would find extremely useful when shopping for golf clubs.


Realize your goals


Before buying, make sure to know what your goals are. One of the first things to consider is how often you’ll be using your golf clubs. Do you plan on playing golf just a few times a month? If your goal is to use the golf clubs only a couple of times per month, it would be best not to overspend time, money and effort on your equipment. You can even choose to rent if you know you won’t be playing much. Keen on playing the game every chance you get? Then you would need to invest in golf clubs appropriate for your level.


Try out the golf clubs before you buy


If you have no idea which golf clubs to buy, find a well-established Golf Warehouse and check out them out. Employees working here are knowledgeable enough to walk you through on which golf clubs are best for beginners and which ones to use for what. Don’t be shy about asking questions. Having a better understanding of what each type of golf clubs are for will give you a better idea of what you need to buy and which ones are worth buying.


Learn which golf clubs you need


A set is made up of 14 pieces of golf clubs. A Driver, 1 Hybrid, a Putter, 2 Wedges, 2 Fairway Woods and 7 Irons are what consists a typical set. As a novice player, you can always start with the basics. Invest in a partial set that is inexpensive. Buying the pricey ones won’t make you a better golfer overnight, but they have advantages that intermediate and professional golfers love.


It's better to underspend


Let’s face it – golf clubs cost a few hundreds of dollars. If you are still learning the sport or only consider it as a hobby, it is best not to overspend on something you don't often need. You can always rely on used golf clubs, and get yourself an upgrade later on. Like any used product, any golf club that is not brand new is more prone to damages. You can also opt to rent on a Golf Warehouse for a monthly fee.


Add an accessory or two


If your golf clubs do not come with a bag, then find a basic one well within your budget. There are lots of accessories you can throw into your cart like cooling towels, water bottles, golf tees, ball markers and retrievers and scoring accessories.

Experts say one of the number one mistake most golfer make when they first bought their clubs is overspending. By making use of the items listed above, you can avoid putting money on the drain. Now that you know what needs to be considered when buying golf clubs, you can confidently make that first purchase.


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