About Sponsored Posts

Native advertising is the placement of marketing messages within articles on websites. Advertisers create content about any topic from a vast range of consumer or entertainment categories and then place messages within the text.

An example would be placing a story on travel to Morocco on a well known travel website with a link with the keywords say "Book Morocco Travel" linked to a travel website such as Holiday Centre.

It is a similar concept to a movie maker placing cans of a famous soft drink in every dining scene. The marketing people quite often pay the movie producer to place the soft drink cans ( or any other product ) in a prominent spot within scenes.

Here at Sponsored Posts, we negotiate with website owners to allow our clients to provide text, images, infographics or video content on their news or blog pages.

We also research, write and actually publish content for our commercial customers on our own suite of high traffic authority sites or others around the World.

Our native English speaking writers can prepare highly effective well researched unique content on a range of topics including travel, food, dining, technology, health, wellness, motoring, business, communications, business, real estate, home & garden, money, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and a whole lot more.

We offer a fast turnaround for orders and guarantee that content that we place will appear in Google search results. If not, we will keep writing until it does at no extra charge.

Reach us at office@newscompany.com.au or call 1300 205 504.