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  • Written by Matt Fraser

Olympian Libby Trickett is set to go wild hiking to health and happiness for the first ever Wild Women On Top Sunshine Coastrek on Friday 28 July 2017. Having signed on as an ambassador for the inaugural event, Trickett will join over 500 teams of trekkers as they hike 30-60km along the wild and picturesque Sunshine Coast to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Registrations for the 30km trek are still open but close soon on Friday 16 June, 2017. Head to to register.

The Wild Women On Top Coastreks are team trekking challenges designed to get women off the couch and onto the coast. Having started in Sydney seven years ago before spreading to Melbourne and now Queensland, Coastrek has seen nearly 20,000 people, mostly women, get their glow back by walking with friends in nature.

Di Westaway, Chief Adventure Chick at Wild Women On Top said “Coastrek is the key to endless motivation because it entices busy mums and dads to prioritise their own health and well-being by committing to a 12-week hiking journey with the support of their friends who sponsor them. It gets them off the couch and into nature for a great cause.”

Walking is as much about the mind as the body and can be used to help us manage worry, anxiety and brooding thoughts. It’s scientifically proven by thousands of studies that hiking is a big fat health pill. When you combine that with the social aspect of walking with friends for a cause and you can see why Coastrek has been so popular” said Westaway.

After giving birth to her first child in 2015 Libby Trickett quickly learnt the importance of making time for herself “Having a child has been the biggest adventure in my life but it’s also been the most emotional and exhausting experience. After months of sleeping no more than 45min at one go I had hit my lowest point and knew I needed to change something.

The most important part of my wellbeing is exercise. It allows me the space I need to nourish myself as an individual. I use movement as meditation and it’s had as much of an impact on creating a happy home as it has on creating a happier me,” said Trickett.

“I took part in Sydney Coastrek in 2015 before I became a mum. I know what an incredibly rewarding challenge it is so I’m looking forward to being involved in the first ever event on the Sunshine Coast!”

So if you’re a tired woman, busy with work or frantic raising a family and always putting yourself last on a long list of priorities, then get ready for an adventure with the inaugural Sunshine Coastrek.

Not only will you reap the social, mental and physical benefits of spending a day hiking along stunning coastlines with a bunch of girlfriends, you’ll also leave knowing you’ve had an impact on the lives of others through raising money for the Fred Hollows Foundation

Registrations for the 30km Sunshine Coastrek are open at Registrations close Friday 16 June, 2017.

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