6 Employee Well-Being Initiatives

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A growing number of businesses are focusing on health and productivity programs that tackle elements like the health of the employees, sense of fulfilment on the job, social connectivity and many other aspects. These programs have a positive impact on the wellness of employees and can also lead to a significant increase in a team’s cohesiveness, engagement, and overall productivity.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of having a healthy and happy workforce, here are six health initiatives to implement for your employees.

1. On-Site Fitness Programs

Corporate fitness programs are a critical part of every health and wellness program. Physical activity is not only good for your employee’s health and work productivity but also life balance, and longevity. Any workplace can incorporate this with options ranging from an onsite gym and exercise classes to personal training sessions and a bikes-for-work scheme. Just make sure to find a program that works in your corporate fitness space.

2. Access to Healthy Food

Promoting and maintaining healthy eating at work benefits everyone in the workplace. It has been said that “food is thy medicine; thy medicine is thy food.” A healthy eating environment includes equipment to prepare, store and serve food, spaces to eat at and support for a healthy eating culture.

3. Smoking Cessation Programs

It costs an employer approximately A$3,568 more to employ an employee who smokes. These costs are attributed to increased absenteeism, unproductive time such as smoke breaks, decreased productivity and higher insurance premiums.

By implementing a smoking cessation program in the workplace, you’ll be taking steps to improve employee health, improve productivity, enhance job satisfaction, reduce cost and even improve your corporate image.

4. Health Benefits

While salary remains an important driver of worker satisfaction, more than half of employees say that health insurance in the most important factor that contributes to their job satisfaction. As an employer, you need to leverage the benefits package you offer to your team. You can do so by thoughtfully providing wellness, medical and ancillary (extra medical services like vision and dental care by reputable healthcare providers such as Pure Dentistry) benefits.

5. Paramedical services

Going above and beyond what employees expect from their employers is a good way to encourage a reciprocal effect. Offering massage therapy, physiotherapy, naturopathy, chiropractic services, and acupuncture services can help increase employee morale, productivity, and loyalty and help attract top talent and retain current ones.

6. Snooze-Friendly Policies

Sleep deprivation does not only affect concentration, productivity, accuracy, and creativity but it also increases the risk for health issues such as depression, diabetes, and hypertension. Providing a dedicated nap room where employees can have short power naps can help improve their performance and boost alertness.

Implementing these initiatives in the workplace will not only have a positive impact on your teams’ wellness but it’ll also increase your employees’ overall productivity. Just remember to include training and other support and options where possible.

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