A Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology is an academic achievement obtained by successfully completing specific courses. Diplomas or certificates, which the community or technical colleges frequently offer appropriate for specific career goals in specific industries.

This course of study frequently necessitates hands-on learning and experience, which benefits students by assisting them in their career preparation. One of the most valuable aspects of an automotive technology certification is the opportunity to face and solve problems.

Reason to learn light vehicle mechanical technology

Students will be prepared for entry-level or assistant positions in various fields with a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. For advancement in this field, several years of experience, staying current with new technologies, or possibly further education may be required, but numerous job options are available. Jobs in research and development and product implementation can be found in both the public and private sectors. Automotive technician and vehicle service technician are two examples of job opportunities.

Content of the course

  • * Detecting and diagnosing engine and component faults.
  • * Engine assemblies, transmissions, steering mechanisms, and other components are dismantled and removed, and parts are checked.
  • * Repairing and replacing worn and defective parts and reassembling mechanical components, as needed, with the assistance of service manuals.
  • * Scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubrication, and engine tune-ups, are performed to ensure that vehicles run smoothly, and that pollution regulations are met.
  • * After engines and parts have been repaired, reassemble them.
  • * Testing and adjusting mechanical parts for proper performance after they have been repaired.
  • * Parts diagnosis and testing with the assistance of a computer.

Career opportunities 

A career as a mechanic is both exciting and varied. Mechanic jobs are typically available throughout the country, in both rural and urban areas. A career as a mechanic could lead you to do something you enjoy while also allowing you to work with vehicles you are interested in. Mechanic employment has increased significantly in the last five years and slightly in the last ten years. 

Mechanics are most common among workers aged 25 to 34, accounting for about a quarter of all workers in this age group. The highest educational attainment achieved by most people in mechanic and automotive careers is Certificate III or Certificate IV. 70.7 percent of people in this field consider this to be true.

The theory and practical portions of the course are delivered face to face. The practical workshop is modern and safe, with all the tools needed to work around the vehicles, and the reputed Institute provides high-quality course materials. All of our instructors are qualified and experienced, and they all have a strong desire to assist students throughout their course.

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology completion may lead to Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling and Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis. Candidates who wish to continue their education at an Australian university should contact the university directly for enrolment information.

Bottom lines 

After completing certificate iii in the light vehicle mechanical technology course, students will perform tasks such as light vehicle maintenance and engine rebuilding. 

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