What will the most popular Halloween costumes be in 2018


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to have a good think about what you’re going to look like on the scary night. It goes without saying that the dressing up part of the whole ordeal is one of the most thrilling aspects of the night regardless of whether you’re looking for tricks or treats.

And what better way to help you decide what Halloween costume to wear than to find out what the most popular Halloween costumes will be this 2018? Whether you decide to follow in pursuit or to get a little more creative with some inspiration, it’s always a great idea to expand your options.

So without further ado, prepare yourself for a thrill of a time as we explore the top Halloween costumes this 2018 based on fantastic trends and movies that have come out this year!


1. Deadpool

For those who are fans of the Marvel Universe, many of you will appreciate the dark humour that comes along with Deadpool. Sure, he may be so 2016, but after seeing the latest Deadpool 2 release in 2018, he’s definitely back in action! Oh, and it isn’t really just a “boys” thing, with many ladies dressing up as the extremely sexy girl version of Deadpool.


2. The Nun

Paying real tribute to the night of hauntings itself, the Nun promises a terrifying experience for everyone involved. A movie that rolled around Halloween, the terror this character brings forward is fresh to everyone and indeed will be a very popular costume for Halloween this 2018.


3. Tomb Raider

Resurrecting the excitement Lara Croft’s life has to bring, Tomb Raider entices the ladies to dress sexy in style with an edge of power and femininity combined. The recent release of the newest Tomb Raider quakes the ground of a popular costume every Halloween to be one worn in fashion and trend.


4. Wonder Woman

With the DC Universe aiming to keep up its movie release the likes of Marvel, Wonder Woman has certainly sprung to action as a solid female superhero that has been portrayed extremely well in the recent movies of Wonder Woman and Justice League (both released in 2017). Fact is, Gal Gadot nailed the Amazonian making her appear as a totally strong, independent and badass character that will drive the Halloween stores this year in fashion, style, and sexiness!


5. Pennywise

Having been released in cinemas under the codename Poundfoolish, the Clown from It will certainly take the streets this Halloween. As spooky as clowns already are, the recent release of It shed light onto the terrifying potential Pennywise has and if done correctly, everyone around you are guaranteed for a scare.


6. Eleven

When it launched, Stranger Things was the talk of town with every Netflix fan anticipating the release of Season 2. Now that it’s out, we’ve noticed a huge trend surging across the internet with images relating to Stranger Things being 40 times more popular than usual around this time of year. The stats show that you can expect a good number of Halloween dress-ups to pay tribute to this girl walking around town.


7. Star Wars

Becoming increasingly popular (thanks to the agreements of new Star Wars movies being launched year after year), you can certainly expect anything related to Star Wars being a popular Halloween costume choice this 2018. From bots to creatures to aliens to main characters, the thrill only begins!


Article provided by Blossom Costumes

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